Q) Is there any excess projector screen material provided or are the sizes exact?

A) Yes. We provide enougth excess with all of our screen sizes so that your finished screen after fixing is the size you originally ordered. 

Q) Which material is right for me?

A) Please see our material guide

Q) Can you provide bespoke sizes to fit my needs?

A) Yes most probably, get in contact to find out. 

Material MaxiWhite ProWhite ProGray UltraLay CrystalRear
Maximum Height 2.7m 2.5m 2.5m 1.85m 2.4m
Price per linear meter (£/m) 28.00 42.00 43.00 38.00 46.00
Material MW PW PG UL CR
Maximum Height 2.7m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m 2.4m
Price per linear meter (£/m) 28.00 42.00 43.00 38.00 46.00

Q) What is your dispatch time?

A) We aim to dispatch within two business day.

Q) What is aspect ratio?

A) The aspect ratio describes the ratio between the length and height of the projector screen.

Q) How much DeepBlack border tape will I need?

A) Simply the perimeter = (Length + Height) x 2

Q) Do you provide samples?

A) Of course, please follow this link.

Q) What is you return policy?

A) You return your item within 28 days of order and we refund the item cost. Simple.

We can only accept returns on items that are unused and in original condition and packaging

Q) When will my item arrive?

A) UK 2/3 business days, international 3-14 WD

Q) If I opt for MaxiWhite to be send folded will there be any creases in the material?

A) There will inevitably be some, however they should pull out when tensioning your screen to a frame.

Not find the answer you needed? Get in contact and we will get back as soon as possible.