Clearance - Ulralay 2m x 1.85m

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Clearance - Ulralay 2m x 1.85m

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UltraLay is a Professional Grade Projector Screen Material, producing fine picture quality with superb depth! Formulated with a 300D technology core, UltraLay is a "lay-flat" screen material manufactured for roller retractable screens.

The 300D technology core means UltraLay doesn't need to be tensioned to a frame to achieve a flat surface. UltraLay can be hung flat with the aid of a bottom bar, or permanently stuck to a flat surface. This makes UltraLay a great choice for portable applications as it can easily roll back up and be transported in it's storage tube.

UltraLay has a surface gain of 1.0 with a large a viewing half angle of 155°. With both the front and back surface manufactured from PVC, UltraLay is a highly durable screen material, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Gain - 1.0
  • Viewing Half Angle - 155°
  • Front Projection
  • Roller Retractable
  • HD Quality
  • True Colour Uniformity
  • Outdoor Suitable
  • Easy Clean
  • Fire Retardent

Why Buy UltraLay?

Buy UltraLay if you want to create a professional grade roller retractable projector screen of if you need to create a portable, easy to install solution.

Important Points

  • The size refers to the screen's diagonal measurement.
  • We provide excess material for fixing purposes so that your finished size isn't reduced
  • This material can not be tensioned to a frame, it is designed to be hung or stuck to a surface
  • To calculate your screen size please input the size and aspect ratio in to our screen size calculator
  • Please see our FAQ's for answers to common questions