Clearance - Maxiwhite End of Roll

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Clearance - Maxiwhite End of Roll

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Just over 3.1 m left on this roll at 1.85 m high so more than enough excess to create a 130" 16:9 finished screenl


MaxiWhite is our Entry-Level Projector Screen Material, providing excellent value for money and great picture quality! It is a flexible, front projection screen material, that you can use to produce your very own fixed frame projector screen.

MaxiWhite has a surface gain of 0.9, diffusing light at large viewing half angle of 160°. Made from a Polyester/Cotton composite with a centralised blacked out core, MaxiWhite delivers clarity and true colour uniformity.

  • Gain - 0.9
  • Viewing Half Angle - 160°
  • Front Projection
  • Fixed Frame Screen
  • HD Quality
  • True Colour Uniformity

Why Buy MaxiWhite?

MaxiWhite is an ideal budget-friendly solution, enabling you to produce your very own professional projector screen at a fraction of the high-street cost.