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Welcome to PSM Screen


PSM Screens specialises in providing projector screen material and accessories. We are passionate about helping you create your perfect home cinema, art installation or theatre experience. Whatever your project is, we have the right material for your needs:

  • MaxiWhite is our entry-level material, providing excellent value for money and great picture quality! It is a flexible, front projection screen material that you can use to produce your very own fixed frame projector screen.
  • ProWhite is a high performance front projection screen material. The surface technology delivers sharpness and balance to your image, perfect for 4K and HD media.
  • ProGray is a high performance front projection screen material. The high contrast gray is ideal for situations with low to moderate ambient light giving deeper blacks to your image.
  • CrystalRear is a specialised high performance rear projection screen material, ideal if you require the projector to sit behind the screen. This semi translucent material is flexible, and is suitable for tensioned applications.

We supply common screen sizes in aspect ratios 4:3, 16:9 and 2.39:1. If you can’t find the right size for your needs, please get in contact and we can discuss you custom requirements.

After you have built your project screen, we have DeepBlack border tape to provide the finishing touch every projector screen needs! Its high light absorption properties mean overspill and ambient light is captured, increasing the contrast ratio between the image and surroundings. The effect is a stunning pop-out image, completing any projector screen system.